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dabase dabase at c0d3.de
Fri Jun 3 11:18:21 EDT 2005


I use eclispe for my daily dose of xul @ work: ideas, stuff i use:

- API docs in eclipse browser
- Mozilla as eclipse browser (wanna have)
- javascript outline (have)
- XUL wisywig (wannahave)
- XML  outline


Michael Keppler wrote:

>David Boswell schrieb:
>>Brian and I have come up with a short list of project ideas, but we
>>wanted to see if anyone else had other suggestions for things to add,
>>remove or edit.
>The "Eclipse plugin development" point is unclear to me. I use Eclipse
>with XML (for XUL) and JavaScript plugins and have my extension built
>using Ant scripts. So I don't see what other plugins would be necessary
>or useful.
>I don't want to stop you from coding something anyway, but people should
>not reinvent the wheel. :)
>Ciao, Michael.
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