[Project_owners] Summer of Code projects

Christopher Ottley xknight at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jun 3 00:16:22 EDT 2005

Two ideas off the top of my head:

1) An XPCOM component that does compression (Zip). I've actually started 
work on this, but other projects keep getting higher priority. Use: 
Create/Update Zip/Jar archives using XPCOM to provide a mirror for the 
Unzip functionality present.


2) A Peer-to-Peer shared tab extension, probably using XML-RPC. 
Basically right click and "Share tab with" and specify an IP for the 
person sharing.  Right click and "View tab from" and specify the  IP of 
the person sharing. This is a simple shared browsing extension that 
anyone who does any type of collaboration might like (as opposed to IM 
conversation copy-paste URL methods).


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