[Project_owners] Licensing Question

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk mv_van_rantwijk at SPAMFREEyahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 17:27:10 EDT 2005

Neil Deakin wrote:
> Keno Albrecht wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is it possible to use the GPL for my extension or do I have to license 
>> it using the MPL (or both)?
> If you don't take code from elsewhere, you can use whatever license you 
> want.

...as long as your extension isn't available from mozdev.org i.e. isn't 
a mozdev.org project, see also: http://www.mozdev.org/copyright.html

"All code for each project hosted on the Site must be made available 
under the Mozilla Public License (MPL) unless otherwise noted on the 
project pages. More information about the MPL can be found at 
http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/. If a project is not using the MPL it must 
to use one of the other OSI-approved open source licenses."

> If you include some Mozilla code in your extension or change an existing 
> file, you can use the MPL, GPL or LGPL.

...not exactly, all MPL'ed source code *must* be/stay MPL'ed. You don't 
have the right to change the license, because you ain't the copyright 

Also, there are additional requirements for people that live in EU 


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