[Project_owners] Uploading releases

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 31 20:57:29 EDT 2005

It can take a little while for files to move over to the mirrors.  It
should show up soon if it isn't there yet.

I can help you with your username and password for CVS.  Do you need
your password reset or do you need to add someone else to your project?
   Email me back directly and we'll get this sorted out.

If you don't have CVS access, that might explain why your xpi isn't
showing up.


> Hi everyone:
> i just want to ask two things:
> 1) i've just uploaded my xpi to the folder where downloads should go,
> but it 
> doesn't seems to be working. any idea what could be wrong, or if it
> just 
> takes some time to be ready?
> 2) who should i ask for my username and password for the cvs acces?
> thanx!

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