[Project_owners] MozDev WinCVS Getting Started Mini-Guide

Philip Chee philip at aleytys.pc.my
Fri Jul 22 02:13:32 EDT 2005

On Thu, 21 Jul 2005 10:14:49 -0400, John T. Haller wrote:

> A while back, I had suggested a "getting started" style guide for 
> getting WinCVS up and running with MozDev.  Well, while preparing my 
> laptop for a trip, I decided to use the opportunity to compile said 
> guide.  I've posted the result here:

> http://johnhaller.com/jh/mozilla/mozdev_wincvs/

"Download the installer for the latest recommended release."

I could never get versions of wincvs later than 1.3b20 to work with

"When updating an extension, just overwrite the XPI in the download
directory and then Update and Commit"

I recommend that you number your XPIs with the version number e.g.
flashblock-1.3.2.xpi so that the older versions are still available on the
http://downloads.mozdev.org mirrors.

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