[Project_owners] MozDev WinCVS Getting Started Mini-Guide

John T. Haller mozdev at johnhaller.com
Thu Jul 21 13:27:44 EDT 2005

Brian King wrote:
> Pete Collins wrote:
>> John I added your link to the Mozdev new project help page:
>>  http://www.mozdev.org/docs/start.html
> It would be better if we could actually mirror the page on mozdev.org. 
> John, would you be open to this?
> It could be extended to include other platforms.

Sure thing.  It's already posted with a Creative Commons 
Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license... so it can be swiped and modified 
at will.

If something else is needed license-wise or if you think it would be 
advantageous to expand it into a more complete guide (with screens 
shots, other OSes, etc), let me know.  I can probably help a bit with 
that as well.


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