[Project_owners] Questions regarding error Messages out of a mozilla debug build

dabase dabase at c0d3.de
Tue Jul 19 14:42:09 EDT 2005


I am involved in optimizing xul projects in terms of mem and cpu usage. 
After ~10hrs work, yeah, i have a mizilla debug build.
Now i have a new problem: There are a lot of error/debug messages i dint 
understand or where i dont have a clue what the are from.
Some are from my project at work, some are from XULfrog (my own project) 
.... .

Is there a place where i can match these messages like for example.

When calling my tree api  .....
###!!! ASSERTION: need base URL: 'nsnull != aBaseURL', file 
ontent/html/style/src/nsCSSParser.cpp, line 602

###!!! ASSERTION: getElementById(""), fix caller?: '!aId.IsEmpty()', 
file c:/mo
illa/mozilla/content/xul/document/src/nsXULDocument.cpp, line 1766

Any new  iframe (i guess)
WARNING: waaah!, file 
Document.cpp, line 900

So .. is there someone who tried to dig deeper and is willing to share a 
bit of knowledge  ... he would save me a lot of time, since the
next step for me is then to dig as deep as c++ goes ;)


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