[Project_owners] RDF assertions with false truth values

Axel Hecht axel at pike.org
Thu Jul 7 12:05:44 EDT 2005

Eric Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to create an assertion with false truth. The code executes
> without any exceptions or javascript errors, but the assertion
> doesn't appear in my RDF. Anyone know what's happening? Here's my
> code:
> // Create resource from currently selected item in tree
> var subjectId =
>   tree.builderView.getItemAtIndex(tree.currentIndex).
>   getAttribute("id");
> var subjectRes = rdfService.GetResource(subjectId);
> // Negatively assert
> datasource.Assert(subjectRes,
>   rdfService.GetResource("http://passwordmaker.org/rdf#domain"),
>   rdfService.GetLiteral("ac.cr"), false);
> datasourceFlusher.Flush();
> Thanks for any help,
> Eric Jung

To make Neil's short story long, negative arcs are a Netscape hack to 
hide arcs from one datasource inside a composite ds. That is all they're 
supposed to do, and that's roughly working.

They don't have a conceptual equivalent in the RDF specs, and thus not 
in RDF/XML, and are not serialized.

Not really a long story, but with a bit more context still.


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