[Project_owners] opening a dialog just after closing it

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk mv_van_rantwijk at SPAMFREEyahoo.com
Tue Jul 5 00:11:57 EDT 2005

Eric Jung wrote:
> --- Michael Vincent van Rantwijk <mv_van_rantwijk at SPAMFREEyahoo.com>
> wrote:
>>Eric Jung wrote:
>>What kind of setting are that? Are the setting global vars?
> Both global variables and custom datasources for a treeview. Rather
> than set all the global variables and remove/re-add the custom
> datasource, it's easier to re-open the dialog because all of that is
> done when the dialog opens.

Can't you just call the 'init' function of that dialog, like you do when 
it opens?

>>>I have this code in the dialog:
>>>  window.close();
>>>and then:
>>>  myOverlayVariable.open();
>>What is 'myOverlayVariable'? Is that a chromewindow?
> It is also a global variable, called passwordMaker. If it helps, I
> tried using a setTimeout() to open the dialog after window.close().
> That didn't work, but I do notice that the browser's icon in the
> taskbar highlights when the openDialog code executes.

Why don't you use window.opener to get the global vars in the parent window?

example: var aDialogVar = window.opener.gParentWindowVar;


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