[Project_owners] opening a dialog just after closing it

Michael Vincent van Rantwijk mv_van_rantwijk at SPAMFREEyahoo.com
Mon Jul 4 23:12:44 EDT 2005

Eric Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> In my extension's settings dialog, there is a point where I need to
> close the dialog and re-open it so as to pick up some new settings.

What kind of setting are that? Are the setting global vars?

> I have this code in the dialog:
>   window.close();
> and then:
>   myOverlayVariable.open();

What is 'myOverlayVariable'? Is that a chromewindow?

> where myOverlayVariable is defined in my overlay of
> browserOverlay/navigatorOverlay.
> I don't get any Javascript errors, but the dialog never re-opens. The
> code for open() is simple:
>   passwordMaker.dlg = window.openDialog(xulfilename,
> "passwordmakerdlg", "dialog,chrome,resizable=yes",
> {passwordMakerHelper:passwordMaker.passwordMakerHelper});
>   passwordMaker.dlg.focus();
> I've used dump() statements to ensure window.openDialog() is being
> called... but still no dialog opens.
> Does anyone have ideas about why this might be happening?
> Thanks in advance for any tips,
> Eric


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