[Project_owners] which tools for your projects

Michael Keppler Michael.Keppler at gmx.de
Thu Jan 27 22:50:21 EST 2005

Davide Carboni schrieb:
> hi, I'm curious to know which tools you use to develop. Which IDE if
> any, which code editors, which xml editors, which C/C++ compilers,
> which tools for debug/tracing the applications and so forth. Just to
> know if I'm missing something useful out there.

Eclipse for all of the above (except debug). I have installed several 
free XML, HTML, CSS, JS, ... editor plugins and the XPI packaging is 
done automatically on change in the background by an Ant task.
Must admit that some of the editor plugins don't have the same quality 
like the JDT parts of Eclipse, but I like doing everything from one 
place (including CVS, management of the project website, bugzilla 
integration, playing mp3s, [insert your favorite tool here],...)

Ciao, Michael.

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