[Project_owners] Are there RDF viewers?

Michael A Nachbaur mike at nachbaur.com
Tue Jan 25 12:21:04 EST 2005

Mook wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wanted if anyone know of an extension (Suite / Firefox / Tbird, 
> whichever... Prefer suite/tb, but I should be able to port) that allows 
> browsing through RDF data sources?  I'll be dealing with things like 
> IMAP, so I can't just look at the .rdf file directly.  I just don't want 
> to try hacking something up if it's already done.
> ( Ideally, it would be something like Mnenhy's registry viewer, but for 
> RDFs... )

I have a project that is currently in-development, but its goal is to 
become a DOM Inspector for RDF.  See the following MozillaZine forum 
topic for the discussion:


Now that I've gotten work deadlines and business trips out of the way, I 
now have time to continue development on it. (I'm currently stuck with 
issues surrounding implementing my own nsIRDFDataSource object).

Michael A. Nachbaur <mike at nachbaur.com>

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