[Project_owners] Re: sexymeluckyyou73@yahoo.com changed a lot of bugs

Henrik Gemal spam at gemal.dk
Tue Jan 25 10:04:30 EST 2005

HJ wrote:
> Henrik Gemal wrote:
>> I'm getting a lot of bugzilla mails that states:
>> ------- Additional Comments From sexymeluckyyou73 at yahoo.com  
>> 2005-01-25 03:32 -------
>> these bugs are not from me they where on there when i bought the 
>> computer.
>> Am I the only one getting these? Is this a bugzilla attack?
> No damnit, all my bugs (MultiZilla) are resolved as FIXED by this lame 
> stupid asshole!
> Pete, or any of the other ops, please wack his/het account!
> Thanks,
> /HJ

This is one of the first larger bugzilla attacks that I have seen.

But it's fairly simple to change it back.

Do a advanced search for
"Status" = "Resolved"
"Resolution" = "Fixed"
"commenter" contains "sexymeluckyyou73 at yahoo.com"
"bug owner" contains "your bugzilla mailaddress"
then do a "Change Several Bugs at Once"
and Reopen all bugs.

Henrik Gemal
Mozilla Evangelist

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