[Project_owners] Updating extensions

Henrik Gemal spam at gemal.dk
Mon Jan 24 08:10:31 EST 2005

Jawahar Swaminathan wrote:
> Dear All,
> Since the mechanism of updating extensions on umo has been disabled for 
> almost one month now, I was wondering if anyone knew what the mechanism 
> for updating extensions now is ? Is it the same way as before, by filing 
> a bug in the update section ?
> My extension now needs updating and I've been hoping the problems at UMO 
> would get sorted out and the developer section be available again.
> Thanks
> Jawahar
> http://biobar.mozdev.org

Basically I've given up with UMO. The best thing is having the update 
RDF file at your own site. This way you're not depended on UMO.
Then when people click update it updates without the need for anything 
at UMO.

Henrik Gemal
Mozilla Evangelist

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