[Project_owners] Big and small icons the the Firefox toolbar

Jesse Ruderman jruderma at cs.hmc.edu
Thu Jan 20 20:33:13 EST 2005

Didier Ernotte wrote:

>I have added in my extension's overlay an toolbarbutton to add in the
>toolbarpalette of firefox. I have a problem with the size of the image
>to associated. I can associated an 16x16 or a 32x32 icon in a static
>way with an image attribute, but when the user change the size of the
>icon in the toolbar in the toolbar/customize dialog, my icon is not
>resized. I supposed I have to be aware in a way or an other to manually
>change the size, but how ? any idea ?

It can be done using CSS.  Look at the code for the Thumbs extension:


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