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>I have a progressBar in a Dialog and I want to change the value of it
>as I process a loop. The problem is that event if I update the value
>attribute of the progressbar, it's not refresh on the screen (look like
>my process takle all the juice and the GUI get no event to refresh).
>The progressBar is updated when my process is finished, so I can see
>only 2 values : the 0 and 100%.... this is not what a progress bar is
>supposed to show. Any idea how to refresh the progressBar ?
You must allow your process to yield at some point..  This will allow 
events to fire ( including painting the UI )

so.. break up your process into 'chunks' and process a chunk at a time,
using setTimeout(processChunk,1,x,y,z)  to start the next chunk
.... processChunk should be YOUR function's name
.... x, y, and z are the parameters to pass to the function, when it 
gets called

Good luck

RTFM first!  Don't wait til all else fails

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