[Project_owners] adding menu item to frame menu

Frank moz at supportware.net
Mon Jan 3 13:06:49 EST 2005

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> Neil wrote:
>> Baris Cicek wrote:
>>> The way i'm trying to add context item for frame sub menu is like;
>>>     <popup id="contentAreaContextMenu">
>>>     <menu id="frame">
>>>     <menupopup>
>> If this really has no id then you're out of luck.
> That's true in the short term, but it's worth filing a bug on the 
> issue if it's something you will eventually need fixed.  If it's 
> simply a matter of adding an "id" label to an XUL element, the changes 
> normally get checked into the trunk pretty quickly.
Or in the meantime, attach your element to another part of the xul with 
then use javascript to move the widget to the right place ( with 
parentNode/childNodes etc )

Good luck
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