[Project_owners] forcing different Content-type for downloads

Simon Wunderlin simon at wunderlin.net
Sun Jan 2 18:07:01 EST 2005

Chris Neale schrieb:
> On Thursday 30 December 2004 16:48, Simon Wunderlin wrote:
>>Chris Neale schrieb:
>>>On Thursday 30 December 2004 16:16, Simon Wunderlin wrote:
>>>>neat solution. am i able to use php on my mozdev site ? i tried to use
>>>>it in the footer and it didn't seem to work.
>>>Stupid  / obvious question: did you turn on local footers in local.conf ?
>>well, no comment.
> Very informative.
> What are you trying to achieve with the htmlheaders footer anyway ?

i belive 2 things got mixed up here.

a) htmlheaders is the name of an N|Vu extension i am working on

b) i tried to use php in the footer file of the site and it didn't seem
to work. however, the custom footer wasn't turned on in the local.conf
which was the actual problem that lead me to belive php was disabled or
extremely restricted (through php.ini).

HJ's response resolved my actual problem.
the solution can be found here (force a different content type and/or
use Content-disposition response heeader for downloads on mozdev):


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