[Project_owners] CVS activity measurement updated

Eric Jung grimholtz at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 28 09:47:09 EST 2005

I'd like to propose one possible solution to the original problem;
i.e., how to detect inactive projects.

Sourceforge.net achieves this with use of a "project status" field
which can be edited by project owners. The statuses ("phases") they
permit are:

1 - Planning (15117 projects)
2 - Pre-Alpha (11579 projects)
3 - Alpha (11744 projects)
4 - Beta (14960 projects)
5 - Production/Stable (12522 projects)
6 - Mature (1117 projects)
7 - Inactive (1141 projects)

I'm certainly not claiming all of these phases apply to mozdev
projects, but the concept might solve the problem: place the burden
of project status/phase on the project owner. Add a few simple rules,
such as these, and you might have a working system:

- Projects always start in the first phase
- Projects remaining in the first phase more than x days are deleted
- Projects remaining in pre-alpha and alpha phase more than x days
are automatically re-classified to the inactive phase.
- Projects can remain in beta, production, mature, and inactive
phases indefinitely

Those are just example rules. I'm not claiming we should use them,
I'm just trying to encourage discussion. I foresee a day when my
extension is complete -- no longer under development -- and would not
want to see it marked/labeled as inactive or moved to an archive.

Thanks for reading.

Eric H. Jung

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