[Project_owners] Cleaning out old abandoned projects

Daniel Fournier zdev at noos.fr
Sun Feb 27 09:11:11 EST 2005

David Boswell wrote:

>i absolutely agree that some old untouched projects still have a lot of
>value.  something like abzilla or abimoz won't be purged.  we're
>looking at getting rid of projects that were started and then never
>touched.  something like xurblezilla.mozdev.org.
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David, please don't delete my 3 projects: jsconsole, xulconsole and 

They work quite well with Mozilla last release and even if I don't 
update them, their functionalities are up-to-date for Mozilla 
developers: eating my own dog food, I use them almost every day so 
others could do the same.

I think, as reported here, that many projects are no more in a 
development phase but are nevertheless very helpful to many users.
Wouldn't it be fair to offer them a column (or a similar place) to 
re-activate interest in them, something like a "Don't forget me".


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