[Project_owners] Cleaning out old abandoned projects

David Boswell davidwboswell at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 08:50:33 EST 2005

> Is there no way to move them to some inactive archived location, even
> if it's on tape? It just seems like such a shame to completely delete
> some of this work. Take http://abzilla.mozdev.org/ for instance.
> Someone put an awful lot of time and effort into this, it seems.
> Could come in useful, even if just as a reference.

i absolutely agree that some old untouched projects still have a lot of
value.  something like abzilla or abimoz won't be purged.  we're
looking at getting rid of projects that were started and then never
touched.  something like xurblezilla.mozdev.org.

these projects may have a mailing list that is getting spam sent to it
everyday.  the may also have a bugzilla product set up.  for instance,
i noticed that the abandoned dictinstall project had two bugs assigned
to it that applied to other dictionary projects.

if anyone wants to help out with the effort or make sure we aren't
purging valuable projects, we're going to track everything at



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