[Project_owners] Cleaning out old abandoned projects

massey massey at stlouis-shopper.com
Sat Feb 26 10:38:45 EST 2005

Also note that if a person is just updating the downloads dir (as I do) 
it does not get picked up as an update and stays on the abandoned list. 
Admittedly my project, kiosk.mozdev.org, does not get updated very 
often. But thats because it works, so unless there is new feature or 
does not work with a new mozilla/FF version I don't update the downloads 
dir or the webpages here. Maybe there needs to be another way to detect 
if a project is realy abandoned. Having live projects maked as abandoned 
makes people think the code will not work and so they never even try it, 
I gets lots of queries as to if my project works or not because they 
find it in the abandoned list.


David Boswell wrote:

>There are over 500 abandoned projects on the site right now dating all
>the way back to 2000.  To free up disk space, reduce the load on
>mailman and declutter bugzilla, we're going to start purging some of
>We will only purge projects on the abandoned list that were never
>started or that look like they have no value for someone who would want
>to restart the project.
>Projects are put on the abandoned list after they have not had any cvs
>activity for over 180 days.  To get your project off the abandoned
>list, just make any change to your project's repository.  You can see
>the current list at
>If there are any questions about this, feel free to reply to this post.
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