[Project_owners] listbox strange behavior?

Neil neil at parkwaycc.co.uk
Sun Feb 13 00:01:13 EST 2005

MacCpp wrote:

> Excuseme by my low english level.

I've tried to shorten the explanation for you.

> You can see the problem here 
> http://www.handssolutions.com/mariano/idezilla/content/idezilla.xul 
> then press on 'test 1'. And a script will fill in the listbox. And 
> here, http://www.handssolutions.com/mariano/idezilla/whatIsWrong.jpg, 
> that is a screen showing the problem that I have when I sroll down the 
> list.

Basically appendItem will only create the first cell for visible items; 
for invisible items in singlecolumn lists the cell will be created when 
the item is first made visible. For multicolumn lists you should always 
create the item and append all the cells manually before appending the 
item to the list.

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