[Project_owners] Maybe a very silly question

Dewi Bryn Jones dewi.jones at gwelywiwr.org
Fri Feb 11 16:22:59 EST 2005


is probably what you're thinking about. It's is a project that comes 
close to what you describe.

It's been quiet on mozdev.org for a while but it's used for our Welsh 
localisation for Mozilla/Firefox and Thunderbird. You need to host your 
own MySQL however and website. I use it as a localhost installation. 
Also the functionalities to eases offline translation by converting all 
dtd and properties files in a given directory to one 'po' file is one we 
use a lot of as well. (well it isn't strictly speaking according to the 
po file standard but it works with poEdit)

You're welcome to have a copy of the latest Java I have - it's more 
recent that the CVS with probably some 'hacks' for Firefox and po file 


Ysgrifennodd Stefán Freyr Stefánsson:

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> Hello.
> I started two projects way back when and I haven't done anything about
> them for a long time now.
> These projects were supposed to be translation projects for firefox and
> thunderbird to Icelandic.
> I did start to look at setting up webs for them but then ran out of time.
> I do have some questions though that I would like to get answered if I
> manage to find the time to set this thing up sometime.
> First, let me tell you what my idea was: I wanted to set up project webs
> where people could register on the web and start translating the
> applications. Ideally, users would have different roles, for example,
> the people who register on the web could translate strings but would not
> be able to commit their translation to CVS. Instead a user with a higher
> role would get those translations for moderation and could then approve
> or reject the changes. These "super-users" would then be able to
> actually commit this to the CVS repository (the one on mozdev.org). A
> nice-to-have feature would be to enable a "super-duper-user" to take the
> translation strings from the mozdev.org CVS repository and commit it to
> the mozilla.org CVS repository.
> So, now for the questions.
> 1) First, the obvious one: Does anybody know of a web system that can do
> more or less what I was describing above?
> 2) I did come across something that enabled translations through a web
> interface but that thing required a database backend. Is there a
> Postgres or MySQL database that projects on mozdev.org can use? Where do
> I find that and instructions on how to connect to it?
> Kind regards, Stefan Freyr.
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