[Project_owners] Maybe a very silly question

Stefán Freyr Stefánsson stefanf at althingi.is
Thu Feb 10 14:58:04 EST 2005

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I started two projects way back when and I haven't done anything about
them for a long time now.

These projects were supposed to be translation projects for firefox and
thunderbird to Icelandic.

I did start to look at setting up webs for them but then ran out of time.

I do have some questions though that I would like to get answered if I
manage to find the time to set this thing up sometime.

First, let me tell you what my idea was: I wanted to set up project webs
where people could register on the web and start translating the
applications. Ideally, users would have different roles, for example,
the people who register on the web could translate strings but would not
be able to commit their translation to CVS. Instead a user with a higher
role would get those translations for moderation and could then approve
or reject the changes. These "super-users" would then be able to
actually commit this to the CVS repository (the one on mozdev.org). A
nice-to-have feature would be to enable a "super-duper-user" to take the
translation strings from the mozdev.org CVS repository and commit it to
the mozilla.org CVS repository.

So, now for the questions.

1) First, the obvious one: Does anybody know of a web system that can do
more or less what I was describing above?

2) I did come across something that enabled translations through a web
interface but that thing required a database backend. Is there a
Postgres or MySQL database that projects on mozdev.org can use? Where do
I find that and instructions on how to connect to it?

Kind regards, Stefan Freyr.
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