[Project_owners] Anyone using encryption in a Mozilla add-on

Tracy Norris tnorris at nc.rr.com
Thu Feb 10 14:49:42 EST 2005

I assume you mean an XPCOM component that would perform the encryption 
for you. I didn't extensively search for one, but I did look on 
xulplanet at the time and didn't see anything obvious that would do what 
I want.

HJ wrote:

> Tracy Norris wrote:
>> Autofill uses both MD5 Hashs and AES encryption. In both cases, I 
>> found freely available javascript libraries to use. I also found a 
>> SHA1 libarary that will probably be used in the next version of 
>> autofill due to weeknesses in MD5.
> Isn't there some sort of mozilla .idl file for encryption?
> /HJ
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