[Project_owners] New Project Bookmarkmanagement

Florian Bailey fbailey at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 16:37:25 EST 2005

we are trying to start a new project at the moment. We  have developed
the concept for a new way to manage bookmarks, nothing groundbreaking,
but since we are a bunch of usability experts, quite a new user
Thats the positive part of our team, that we are working with the
needs of the users in view  and not from a developer perspective, the
downside is that we have only one developer at the moment, who is not
very experienced with developing for Mozilla, but another developer (
more experienced ) will probably join the team in the next two weeks.

I just wanted send an email out and ask if some people maybe
interested in joining us and helping us with the development. It's not
the most complicated project ever, but I think it may give Mozilla a
new edge :)  especially for power users with a lot bookmarks.

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