[Project_owners] Re: Are you an unemployed mozilla hacker?

HJ bugus at universum.org
Fri Feb 4 23:29:36 EST 2005

Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:

 >You will be hard pressed for people with a FULL understand of Mozilla
 >Source code

I agree, but that's what I'm asked to write down. For me, think browser.

 >Understood though a few need to know information for all looking for 
the job.

I've send a request for additional information.

 >Forgive my ignorance but where is this, is it a country if so what city,
 >if it is a city which country and if a "smaller/lesser-known" country
 >where in the world is it, what is it's primary language, do most in the
 >country speak/understand english?

Ibiza (Ibiza Town) Spain.

 >Stress Compensation in addition to the salary?  How what type of
 >compensation, what/who determins what form and how much compensation
 >you get?

You will be away from home many months, like me, and traveling a lot,
but you might have a wife and kids and this compensation offers you a
to see your wife/kids from time to time, and we'll pay for everything.

 > What type, explain please.  You offer security...well that is a very
 >vague term used in this context.

We offer a secure environment and I make sure that nobody is going to
hurt you, because you will be working for a high profile company, and
we don't want to loose any employees.

 >Does this hotel (as your reply states) have any sort of website /
 >acclaimed review board? (english or not)

Please read again.

 >What type of clothing is needed for the job (understood that it is
 >provided, suite, casual, bedtime, etc.?  Will there be a need for
 >business meals?

Casual and bedtime is free, we provide a suite with black shoes and
office clothing with your last name on it and a logo with integrated 
proximity transmitter, used for time management.

 >I assume (after your followup post) that a round-trip ticket will be
 >purchased for you from/to the (same) airport of your choice (assuming
 >they have flights heading to the job area)

You only need a ticket to/from Germany because the flight to/from Ibiza
is done with military planes. Also note that we will be moved to
world's smallest continent right after the summer, because that's when 
we expect to do some testing, with Navy ships at sea.

 >What type of Music constitutes "good" in this case, (not really needed
 >to know for a job, but you brought it up in your pitch

We don't live in the 80's so disco is normally (vocal) trance. We work
and live in a group, act as a group, so it is a matter of giving and 
taking. We normally talk about going places and it works pretty well so far.

 >Criminal acts are different in each country,...

Use your common sense ;)

 >This concerns me without having a more "exact" schedule to think about.
 >if you work ~20 hours a day (give or take) that leaves 4 hours a night
 >to sleep, and literally no time to do any of the "pitched" ideas. even
 >15 hours a day working leaves little to do other than necessities.

Up to 18 hours a day (when needed), five days a week, including
gym, lunch / siesta and diner time, and this works perfectly well for 
us. Oh, and note that siesta is some special for Spanish people.

 >Common sense is a hard trait to measure, and humor is relative (people
 >have different senses of humor) but this is of course part of your
 >hiring process, and not for us to decide

You'll find out, sooner or later, what this is all about.

 >Any in particular?

Cancer, Diabetic, Heart (cardiovascular), Overweight.

 >Who's military/government.

Come on, the good guys, like me :-)

 >Employer's choice or your own (as in if your employee hates it and you
 >like it you just wont get along which is needed)

Your salary will be paid from military budgets, so you somehow depend on 
liking them.

 >Social Security Number? (USA?).  May I ask why if your company is not 
in the US.

We need your Social Security Number for screening. Also, who said that 
it is *my* company or that my employer isn't based in the US (as I don't 
work for this Spanish company)? All I said was that it is a Spanish 
contractor working for the goverment, in fact for goverments all over 
the globe.

 >CV == what?

Curriculum vitae means "course of life" in Latin and the plural form
is Curricula Vitae. See also: 

 >Who we are, and what we did, as in if we lie on the application == bad,

Yes, that's what we're after, for example, people might lie about their
education (level) and/or former employers and/or job levels.

 >or you want all information about anything pro-job we did?

See CV requirement.

 >Is there an ETA to Official Hiring time, and when does the Job start 
(give or take).

The first (sub)project starts in March and that should be finished 
before the end of September.

Man, I shouldn't be writing this at this time, because I'm too tired, so 
I hope I didn't make mistakes, but I don't have time nor energy to check ;)


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