[Project_owners] Re: Are you an unemployed mozilla hacker?

Justin Wood (Callek) 116057-nospam at bacon.NoSpamPlease.qcc.mass.edu
Thu Feb 3 21:20:19 EST 2005

HJ wrote:
> Hi,
> One of the contractors of my employer has a serious budget (and I mean 
> serious) for a Mozilla related project and they are looking for two 
> network engineers, two build engineers (guys that can do almost 
> anything) and 
four software engineers with full understanding of the
> Mozilla source code, 
with a proven track record.

You will be hard pressed for people with a FULL understand of Mozilla 
Source code, since the code-base is so large, I doubt even the pay your 
company is offering would be enough for someone (if someone exists) with 
that large of a knowledge background.

Mozilla Codebase == Browser/Suite/Thunderbird/Nvu/Bugzilla/Bonsai/what

Better yet, what code area's in particular must/should a developer whom 
is applying for this position know.  Nspr, XPCOM, XPCONNECT, 
javascript(ecmascript), Layout, CSS, XUL(backend)...etc.

None of those require xpfe or even browser/ or mailnews/ etc. knowledge, 
but are large areas of code themselves or is the frontend majority, or a 
lesser of some but more of others, etc.  This helps screen people who 
actually have a much better chance of succeeding both personally and 
professionally with this position.

> Who are 'we':
> - this information is on a need to know basis only.

Understood though a few need to know information for all looking for the 

> What's the location of the job:
> - Ibiza (time to party on Saterdays and time to relax on Sundays).

Forgive my ignorance but where is this, is it a country if so what city, 
if it is a city which country and if a "smaller/lesser-known" country 
where in the world is it, what is it's primary language, do most in the 
country speak/understand english?

> - you make a tax free salary up to $18,500 per month, including stress 
> compensation et all, depending on your age, current living standards and 
> job performance.

Stress Compensation in addition to the salary?  How what type of 
compensation, what/who determins what form and how much compensation you 

Aproximately how many hours in a given week/month will you be _required_ 
to work to acheive this $18,500 (US$) [working 19 hours a day 7 days a 
week would make that a lesser salary to have]

And aproximately how many months will this project go on for (as in how 
long will you be away from your "home" for)

> - security.

  What type, explain please.  You offer security...well that is a very 
vague term used in this context.

> - a place to stay equiped with airconditioning in every room

Does this hotel (as your reply states) have any sort of 
website/acclaimed review board? (english or not)

> - everything you need for the job, including: clothing, breakfast 
> (07:00), lunch (12:00), dinner (21:00), computer hardware (anything/any 
> brand you need).

What type of clothing is needed for the job (understood that it is 
provided, suite, casual, bedtime, etc.?  Will there be a need for 
business meals?

> - tickets from anywere on the globe, with the exception of countries 
> that are not generally excepted by export regulations.

I assume (after your followup post) that a round-trip ticket will be 
purchased for you from/to the (same) airport of your choice (assuming 
they have flights heading to the job area)

> - free gym and VIP passes for the main disco (I know all the good 
> places, and DJ's so do't you worry).

What type of Music constitutes "good" in this case, (not really needed 
to know for a job, but you brought it up in your pitch ;-) )

> Who can join:
> - people from age 21 and up.
> - people without a 'questionable' criminal record.

Criminal acts are different in each country, what may be acceptable 
where I live in the US may not even be acceptable in California, or for 
example there may be a law I was accused/convicted of, which is not even 
frowned apon in your country.  Most US felonies I would assume though 
would constitue questionable in your context.

> - non smokers.
> - people that last long (work hours are seriously long).

This concerns me without having a more "exact" schedule to think about. 
if you work ~20 hours a day (give or take) that leaves 4 hours a night 
to sleep, and literally no time to do any of the "pitched" ideas.  even 
15 hours a day working leaves little to do other than necessities.

> - people with common sense, humor is a plus.

Common sense is a hard trait to measure, and humor is relative (people 
have different senses of humor) but this is of course part of your 
hiring process, and not for us to decide ;-)

> Who can't join:
> - people with health problems.

Any in particular?

> - people who hate the military/goverment.

Who's military/government.  Employer's choice or your own (as in if your 
employee hates it and you like it you just wont get along which is needed)

> - pick your choice.


> What are we going to developer?
> - a product, other information is only available to screened people 
> after signing a non-disclosure.


> Who's paying for all this?
> - my employer. You get paid, in advance, on the day that you fly to 
> Ibiza (probably from Germany), after every other period of four weeks.
> What should I do?
> - we need your Social Security ID, or passport number for people located 
> in Europe.

Social Security Number? (USA?).  May I ask why if your company is not in 
the US. Since there is not tax's withheld and its not a US company which 
would need to claim me as a worker in any way I dont see the need, 
passport number may be different.  (I do not consider myself very 
knowledgeable in this area, so if there is a reason for it, feel free to 
tell me)

> - send me your CV and I'll forward it, after reading it myself. Again, I 
> will be your 'boss' for many moons (only one lame person left in all 
> these years, oh and I've kicked a few suckers myself).

CV == what?

> - you better inform us about who you are and what you did in the past, 
> because we will get a hold on it anyways.

Who we are, and what we did, as in if we lie on the application == bad, 
or you want all information about anything pro-job we did?

> When do we hear from you/your employer again?
> - you won't get any reply from my employer, for obvious reasons, but I 
> will let you know as soon as I'm told to reply to you, with the answer I 
> probably already know.

Is there an ETA to Official Hiring time, and when does the Job start 
(give or take).

~Justin Wood (Callek)

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