[Project_owners] Are you an unemployed mozilla hacker?

Michael Nachbaur mike at nachbaur.com
Thu Feb 3 11:08:07 EST 2005

Chris Neale wrote:
>>>Anyone can call themselves 'cdn', too!
>>It's just ... /friendlier/, if you can tag a string of characters to as
>>few people as possible. Especially, if these people are hiring. ;-)

I feel the same way, however I also understand people's desire to use a 
shortened or more rememberable/pronounceable version of their names. 
Also despite the friendliness factor, I respect that there are those who 
value their privacy more than I do. :-)

> They wouldn't want me : )

Hehe, I suspect they wouldn't want me either, but it would be awesome to 
live in Ibiza. :-)

Michael A Nachbaur <mike at nachbaur.com>

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