[Project_owners] Re: Are you an unemployed mozilla hacker?

HJ bugus at universum.org
Thu Feb 3 09:08:38 EST 2005

Hi again,

I'm asked to make a few 'minor' adjustments, so here goes;

> - you make a tax free salary up to $18,500 per month, including stress 
> compensation et all, depending on your age, current living standards and 
> job performance.

The contractor is a Spanish company that pays up to EURO 12.500 and you 
will have to pay tax in your own country.

> - security.
> - a place to stay equiped with airconditioning in every room

The place to stay is a private appartment nearby Ibiza Town, with airco 
in every bedroom, not in every room.

> - everything you need for the job, including: clothing, breakfast 
> (07:00), lunch (12:00), dinner (21:00), computer hardware (anything/any 
> brand you need).

There are several computer systems with LCD screens, running WinXP and 
Linux on side.

> - tickets from anywere on the globe, with the exception of countries 
> that are not generally excepted by export regulations.

This should be, one ticket to/from Ibiza.

> - free gym and VIP passes for the main disco (I know all the good 
> places, and DJ's so do't you worry).
> - a car, motor or boat for transportation.

There is currently only one car (mini van), one motor and one boat 
availabe, so we have to share or rent others.

Kind regards,
HJ van Rantwijk, in case you still don't know who I am :-)

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