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Daniel Fournier zdev at noos.fr
Thu Feb 3 16:50:29 EST 2005

Nice to ear someone interested.

To quickly recap what I thought about, I was thinking of a tool doing 
the tasks Ant do but with a much more simpler syntax, written in RDF 
(you know I'm so found of it) and using JavaScript/XPCOM (not Java) as a 
language to process the RDF descriptions of the tasks.

Answering Calum's post, it's not a GUI generating Ant files, although 
you could write a task whose purpose would be to generate an Ant file 
from the RDF descriptions of the tasks to process.

Simply stated, this tool is used to process files containing resource 
processing statements; a resource is either a file, a directory or a 
link to theses entities; the processing modifies either the attributes 
(name, type, path, privilege, etc.) or the content of the resource, 
eventually using external programs or scripts.

To describe the processing of a resource only two structure levels are 
an action is an atomic process relying on a JavaScript class instance 
a task is a sequence or alternative of actions and other tasks (so you 
have the recursivity to structure your processing).

What I've done already is to define the RDF framework to describe the 
tasks to process.

What has to be done is the processor using the RDF description of tasks 
to actually perform the transformations of the resources and a nice XUL 
GUI to combine most common tasks and actions in a useful way. Of course, 
JavaScript classes for those most commonly used tasks are to be written too.

Let me know if it looks like what you need - and if I was clear.


HJ wrote:

> Daniel Fournier wrote:
>> HJ wrote:
>>> On a side note, I am still looking for a XUL/XBL written interface 
>>> that's capable of adding/removing XUL/XML/CSS/JS/RDF/JAR files to 
>>> JAR/XPI files.
>>> Something like InfoZip, but without bugs, and with support for 
>>> scripts to do some tasks, fully automatically, with a single 
>>> click/keystroke.
>>> /HJ
>> I agree it would be really an helpful tool.
>> In a recent discussion I launched here, I asked who would be 
>> interested by a XUL tool acting in a way Apache Ant does, i.e. 
>> executing automated tasks such as you (we) need. I postponed this 
>> project, but its framework, using RDF as description language, was 
>> designed. Do you think I should keep on developing such a project?
>> Daniel
> Yes I do, and I might even help you, if you like.
> /HJ
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