[Project_owners] New XUL project category

HJ bugus at universum.org
Thu Feb 3 02:46:42 EST 2005

Calum Leslie wrote:
> Pardon me if this seems stupid, but couldn't you directly use Ant for this?

Sure, but first, you can't compare Ant with InfoZip. InfoZip is easy, 
Ant not. I'm looking for a plain simply UI with only a few features, to 
enable everyone, not just developers, to replace files with only a few 
basic instructions, this, without the need to setup a build system that 
is too complicated, even for some developers.


> Calum.
> Daniel Fournier wrote:
>> HJ wrote:
>>> On a side note, I am still looking for a XUL/XBL written interface 
>>> that's capable of adding/removing XUL/XML/CSS/JS/RDF/JAR files to 
>>> JAR/XPI files.
>>> Something like InfoZip, but without bugs, and with support for 
>>> scripts to do some tasks, fully automatically, with a single 
>>> click/keystroke.
>>> /HJ
>> I agree it would be really an helpful tool.
>> In a recent discussion I launched here, I asked who would be 
>> interested by a XUL tool acting in a way Apache Ant does, i.e. 
>> executing automated tasks such as you (we) need. I postponed this 
>> project, but its framework, using RDF as description language, was 
>> designed. Do you think I should keep on developing such a project?
>> Daniel

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