[Project_owners] New XUL project category

Daniel Fournier zdev at noos.fr
Thu Feb 3 06:56:50 EST 2005

David Boswell wrote:

>There was a recent discussion here about tools people use for their
>Mozilla development.  I realized while reading this that we don't make
>it easy for people to find XUL development projects on the site.  
>There were XUL tools listed in the Tools category, but they were lumped
>in with a bunch of different types of projects.  To help make finding
>these tools quicker, I moved these to a new XUL development category. 
>I'm not crazy about the new category name since all extensions use XUL.
> I thought of XUL Tools but that could cause confusion with the other
>Tools category.  Any thoughts?
>Hopefully this will help developers find the tools they need and will
>help promote the projects underway that are working to make XUL
>development easier.
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This is an helpful caracterisation and thanks for listing my XUL Console 

My question is: do you think that JavaScript and RDF tools should be 
listed in that category, as they are part of any XUL app?

If you do, then my two other Mozdev project (JS Console and Mozquery) 
should be included in that list.

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