[Project_owners] Code Signing - strange things afoot

Pete Collins pete at mozdevgroup.com
Thu Dec 29 16:00:29 EST 2005

> Looking at the certificate details tree in the Certificate Manager, I 
> have
> MyCertID->Certificate->Extensions->Netscape Certificate Type="Not 
> Critical<new line>Object Signer"
> The cert hierarchy is
> MyCert->Certum Level 1->Certum CA
> That's as far as I can go in answering your question,
> Andy

In FF:

Edit->Preferences->Advanced->Security->View Certificates->Your Certificate

  CA Name
    My Cert Name     Software Security Device    Object Signer    Serial 
#    Expiration Date

  1. Make sure it is listed under "Your Certificate"
  2. Make sure "Purpose" says "Object Signer"
  3. Make sure your expiration date is valid


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