[Project_owners] [Fwd: Splitting up Bugzilla on MozDev?]

Wladimir Palant trev at gtchat.de
Thu Dec 15 18:05:10 EST 2005

Philip Chee wrote:
> If I want to file a bug for one project I go to that project's bugs.html
> page and click on the "Enter a new bug link". How difficult is that?
>>  Searching is no better.
> <http://flashblock.mozdev.org/bugs.html>

Problem is that you usually don't go back to the project's homepage all 
the time. You look through the existing bugs, then you adjust the search 
maybe, then you file a bug. And there are links "New" and "Search" in 
Bugzilla but using them is hard.

> This may be my oracle background showing up, but using views and some clever
> SQL is a much better approach that what you are suggesting. Of course
> somebody may just tell me that MySQL doesn't have views.

Ok, I tell you this: MySQL doesn't have views :)
Well, there are views as of MySQL 5.0 but I don't this this version is 
installed on MozDev. And even if there were views, they wouldn't help much.

Your points would be very valid if we were to develop a new system here. 
  But we don't, we have Bugzilla already. To implement even the simplest 
of your suggestions you would have to change lots of code. And you would 
have to do it all over again every time you install an upgrade. Your 
patches from the previous Bugzilla version will most probably not apply 
and even if they do they probably miss a few new places that need 
changing. That's simply not doable, that's why I suggest a solution that 
doesn't require any changes in Bugzilla source code.

Btw. using symlinks to access the same table from different databases is 
an official and supported feature of MySQL 4.0. MySQL is aware of the 
fact that is has the same table under different names and treats it 


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