[Project_owners] [Fwd: Splitting up Bugzilla on MozDev?]

Philip Chee philip.chee at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 00:10:06 EST 2005

On Thu, 15 Dec 2005 16:24:05 +0100, Wladimir Palant wrote:

> I always wondered about the reasoning behind having one Bugzilla
> instance for all projects. When I want to file a bug I have to choose
> one of 473 (!) products.

If I want to file a bug for one project I go to that project's bugs.html
page and click on the "Enter a new bug link". How difficult is that?

>  Searching is no better.


I have a link here called "Bugzilla Advanced Search" that starts up the
Bugzilla advanced search with Flashblock preselected. Perhaps something like
this could be added to the bugs.html template.

>  And it is impossible to
> give project owners the necessary rights to manage their projects
> themselves.

I agree with you on this. Perhaps filing a RFE on the Bugzilla Bugzilla
(I've always wanted to say that) would be appropriate.

> http://bugzilla.mozdev.org/adblock/query.cgi: query.cgi is called with
> $db_name adblock

> http://bugzilla.mozdev.org/livehttpheaders/show_bug.cgi: show_bug.cgi is
> called with $db_name livehttpheaders

Can't we just have one db and change the SQL query to add a where clause?
WHERE projectname = 'adblock'?

> Now having a separate Bugzilla database for each project has its
> drawbacks. People shouldn't have to register and authorize in each
> Bugzilla instance. My understanding is that MySQL starting with version
> 4.0 supports symlinks for tables. Most user info tables could be made
> global (separate databases have only a symlink to the global table)
> including the login table. Group tables on the other side would be local
> which allows giving permissions for one project only.

Coming from an Oracle dba background this just simply horrifies me!?!?!!
Create separate views for each of the group tables for each project. Much
more elegant. With multiple instances accessing the same physical file,
you're going to get a corrupt database in no time.

> I looked through the source code of Bugzilla 2.20 and it seems that all
> this can be accomplished without even touching Bugilla's code. The only
> disadvantage that I can see: searches over multiple projects won't be
> possible (this is a major speedup at the same time). Updating Bugzilla

Views are your friend. What is the use of a RDBMS if you don't use it's

> might also be painful if the database structure changed, though
> definitely less painful than managing Bugzilla for 473 projects all by
> yourself. But before I dig further into it I need confirmation that
> there is interest of course. And if my suggestion is unacceptable - it
> would be interesting to know why.

This may be my oracle background showing up, but using views and some clever
SQL is a much better approach that what you are suggesting. Of course
somebody may just tell me that MySQL doesn't have views.

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