[Project_owners] Tree Widget Changes

Randy Weinstein drrandy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 23:22:52 EST 2005

According to the FireFox v1.5 documents:
"You should now get the tree selection object from the view, not the
box object, meaning use tree.view.selection instead of

So, I changed: this.treeBoxObject.selection.currentIndex
to: this.view.selection.currentIndex

As well as: this.mOuter.treeBoxObject.selection.selectEventsSuppressed = true;
Should that be: this.mOuter.view.selection.selectEventsSuppressed = true;

buuuuuuut... what happens to: var selection = this.treeBoxObject.view.selection;
should this be: var selection = this.view.view.selection; ??????

Please advise. THANKS!!


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