[Project_owners] XBL and preferences

Pekka Sillanpää p.sillanpaa at hut.fi
Fri Dec 9 02:20:26 EST 2005

Hi all!

I have one custom XBL element in my extension, and now when I am 
starting to use the prefwindow/preference stuff, I face problems. I have 
no idea how to set (initialize) the preference for a custom element. So 
when I open my settings panel, the custom XBL binded text box is empty. 
For the default textbox, checkbox etc. elements it is straightforward.

How can I specify the field of a custom XUL element that the 
<preference> element should modify and read?

I have read:

And there were said:
"If you wish it to update the value of an element with different local 
name, for example your own XBL widget, you need to set the 
|preference-editable="true"| attribute on it."

Set it where?

Thanks in advance!


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