[Project_owners] is it cvs or is it me ?

pike pike-mozdev at kw.nl
Wed Dec 7 17:12:16 EST 2005


thanks for your help, - but i'm not there yet

> -1: cd formwidgets
> 0. create file
> 1. cvs -d :pserver:pike at mozdev.org:/cvs login
> 2. cvs -d :pserver:pike at mozdev.org:/cvs add 
> www/current/FormWidgets/FormButton.xml

ofcourse I did all that :) if I try it again now it says
"cvs add: FormButton.xml has already been entered"

CVS/Entries (in that dir) also has a line
	/FormButton.xml/0/dummy timestamp//
so it seems added (on my side)

> 3. cvs -d :pserver:pike at mozdev.org:/cvs  ci -m 'Your check in message' 
> www/current/FormWidgets/FormButton.xml

pike%cvs -d :pserver:pike at mozdev.org:/cvs  \
           ci -m 'try again' FormButton.xml

    RCS file: /cvs/formwidgets/www/current/FormWidgets/FormButton.xml,v
    cvs commit: ERROR: cannot write file
    No such file or directory


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