[Project_owners] How to be notify at the end of a download with the Download Manager

Didier Ernotte didier at ernotte.com
Tue Dec 6 16:54:39 EST 2005


I'm trying to use the FF built-in DownloadManager to download a file
from an URL to the local filesystem.
I finaly found that the DownloadManager is just a "view" concept that
accept a nsIDownload object and display a progression bar and some
other status, but does not do the download itseft. I have created a
nsIWebBrowserPersist to do the download and I have linked the
DownloadManager to the nsIWebBrowserPersist to take care about the
progression of the download, but I want to be notified when the
download is complete. 
What I understand is that I need 2 listeners, one is the
DownloadManager, the other is mine. How can I do this ? I have read
some code on the mozilla forum to cope with this : a timer to read the
status of the download on a regular basis.... This is no very elegant
Any better solution ?



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