[Project_owners] cvs - can't commit / add some files ?

pike pike-mozdev at kw.nl
Tue Dec 6 16:37:01 EST 2005

Hello Mozzz

I'm trying to create a new project on mozdev. I abhor CVS, so bear with
me. I installed MacCVSClient and it seems less worse than the command
line, but I can't get it to work anyway.

I can checkout my project without problems.

I can update and commit some files (like bugs.html) no problem.
These are also mentioned in the CVS descriptor (in CVS.sandboxinfo/CVS,
a maclike thing).

Other files, like index.html, are 'unknown' to MacCVSClient,
as if I added them locally. They are not in the CVS descriptor.
When committing, cvs ignores the file as if it wasn't there.

When trying to add them to the repository, cvs complains

	cvs add: index.html added independently by second party

What am I doing wrong ?


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