[Project_owners] XUL Widgets project launched

Alex Vincent ajvincent at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 00:49:58 EST 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just launched a new project
(xulwidgets.mozdev.org), mainly for all the project owners on mozdev,
to collect useful XUL widgets for you.  I've included in this initial
project nine XUL widgets I've written so far.

The serverpost widget is one of them; the serverpost project is being
retired and absorbed into this new project.

If you have useful widgets to contribute, please file bugs with
patches.  I'll be posting a manual soon for usage and development (as
in, the next twenty-four hours, hopefully)

"The first step in confirming there is a bug in someone else's work is
confirming there are no bugs in your own."
-- Alexander J. Vincent, June 30, 2001

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