[Project_owners] How to get Firefox to remember Mailman passwords

Matthew Wilson matthew at mjwilson.demon.co.uk
Sat Dec 3 14:08:03 EST 2005

I finally got round to writing a Greasemonkey script to persuade Firefox 
to remember my mailman passwords. I've attached it to this email - if 
the attachment doesn't get through to the list then I'll send another mail.

Tested with Firefox 1.5 + greasemonkey 0.6.4.

(The dummy username box could be placed in a more aesthetically pleasing 
position, but I didn't feel it was worth the effort.)


Michael J Gruber wrote:
 > Paul Tomlin venit, vidit, dixit 10/21/05 21:37:
 > [...]
 >>Then again I've never really had much of a problem with spam, my grief
 >>here is about junk I have to _work_ at to remove. If only the mailman
 >>admin page would require both a username AND a password then Firefox
 >>would auto-complete the form and I'd not have to go hunting for that
 >>mail from new-projects@ so I can login and remove them. Yes I can just
 >>reply but equally I need to find the password.
 >>There HAS to be an extension people would love in this itch somewhere :)
 > There is - Platypus! Your hint got me in the right direction. I got
 > Platypus to insert a "username" input field in the admin page form, and
 > voila - FF offers to save the (bogus) username and the password! One
 > could boil this down to a Greasemonkey script without Platypus
 > functions, of course.
 > Michael
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// Mailman user script
// version 0.1
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// This is a Greasemonkey user script.
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// ==UserScript==
// @name          Mailman Password Manager
// @namespace     http://www.mozdev.org/
// @description   Inserts a fake 'username' field into mailman login screens, to allow Firefox password manager to work
// @include       http://mozdev.org/mailman/admindb/*
// @include       http://mozdev.org/mailman/admin/*
// ==/UserScript==

var form = document.getElementsByTagName ("form").item(0);

// Check whether this is the login form by looking for a
// form element named "adminpw"
var pwd = form.elements.namedItem("adminpw");
if (pwd != null) {
    var input = document.createElement ("input");
    input.setAttribute ("type", "text");
    input.setAttribute ("name", "user");
    input.setAttribute ("value", "[dummy user]");
    input.setAttribute ("disabled", "true");
    form.insertBefore (input, form.childNodes[0]);

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