[Project_owners] Wikifying old projects? A recycling idea...

Kovacs Baldvin baldvin at cs.elte.hu
Mon Aug 29 14:14:43 EDT 2005

> What part is being wikified?  The /code/ or just the /webpage/ on 
> MozDev?  If you're not going to continue to version control the /code/ 
> on MozDev, then you can't reliably audit the code for license compliance 
> or spyware.

Good point.

> I'm more keen on the idea that Jamie Bliss proposed about allowing other 
> developers on MozDev with commit access to modify abandoned projects. 
> That raises its own set of problems though.

Ok, but I think _only_ if it is simple. So definitely not "open for
a month" or something like that. It could be declared that abandoned 
projects are open for commit for anybody having a mozdev account.
And if the author appears again, he could claim back the authority.
(Not sure he wanted to, though... :) )


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