[Project_owners] Installing the extension with the command line

Aleksey Antipin j_alesant at mail.ru
Fri Aug 26 12:19:51 EDT 2005

And what should I do if I have some computers with 2-3 users working on 
it or if there is terminal server with 10 users who use firefox? Log on 
under each of them?

Andrew Archer wrote:

> I would mark this one as "Won't Fix",  the average user is not going 
> to install extensions in the global folder so why worry about it.  If 
> I remember correctly the auto update doesn't work for extensions 
> installed globaly so this user of yours is creating  more work for 
> them self not less.
> Didier Ernotte wrote, On 25/08/2005 1:23 AM:
>> Hi,
>> I have a user that have open a bug on my extension because it does not
>> work when the extension is installed with the following command line
>> firefox.exe -install-global-extension extension.xpi
>> I was not aware that could be possible. What what are the difference
>> between installing the extension that way, or just open the xpi file in
>> the browser. I guess the location of the extension is not the same, but
>> what are the impact on the code of the extension. For example, I need 
>> to read a file in the profile directory. If I use
>>  var file =
>> file=Components.classes["@mozilla.org/file/directory_service;1"].
>> getService(Components.interfaces.nsIProperties).get("ProfD",
>> Components.interfaces.nsIFile);
>> Did I get a reference on the user profile directory or the global
>> profile directory ?
>> If I have to write a file in the profile directory, same question, and
>> maybe I have to take care about the permission to write to that
>> location ? right ?
>> Thanks
>> Didier

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