[Project_owners] New project uploaded (keywordlets) - feedback, review and contributions requested

Eric T. cougio at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 19:43:06 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,

I uploaded the basic website and a preview release (not feature
complete yet, but a lot of stuff works...) of kwlEngine, a small
javascript component that generates search urls, meant as keywords
functionality extension, amongst other things... Basically, this thing
adds support for multiple (named) arguments, default values (that can
be code to eval), grabbing input from selections (navigates frames),
prompting for missing required arguments, and more, not to mention a
whole lot more is comming or partially implemeted. It's a bit hard to
define so please see the website for more info:

I'm hoping to improve and freeze the syntax quickly before a public
release, and for that I need your feedback! I'm also wanting to
integrate this into Mozilla (it DOES work with Mozilla in current
state, just not ideal for configuration and doesn't completly avoid
code duplication as it relies on an injection bookmarklet to work),
and hoping someone will want to help out, if only with tips of how I
should go at it, as I never wrote an XPI before...

The documentation is a bit sparse, but should be enough to get you
started. I'll answer any questions and update the website with the
answers, but if I don't get feedback I'll get back to the code for now
so please ask if you find anything confusing!


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