[Project_owners] Updating extensions in Moz Update...

Michael Vincent mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 17 13:04:51 EDT 2005

Amir Herzberg wrote:
> I've tried to update TrustBar extension, but the update extension form 
> in Mozilla Update fails saying `there is already an extension with that 
> name`, anybody came across this problem / knows workaround / knows how 
> to report this (bugzilla?)
> In despair I simply tried to submit it as new extension but this one is 
> `pending approval` for I think over a week... and I have a more recent 
> version - which again I can't upload...

We have the same kind of problem for MultiZilla.  Someone has put 
MultiZilla v1.6.4.0 on addons.mozilla.org  but we don't know who?!?
It might have been added by Neil Pryde (our former QA contact who passed 
away last year) but we don't know what e-mail address and password was 
used. The main problem is that nobody replies to our (e-mail) inquiries 
about this. So what now?


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