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GuruJ GuruJ at mbox.com.au
Wed Aug 17 15:43:30 EDT 2005

Hi Minh,

"Concatenations" refers to the act of putting various strings together 
to form a new string.  In this case, I suspect this refers to the 
following concept:

Title: 		Mr
First Name:  	John
Last Name:	Smith
Concatenations for Primary Contact:
   	Mr John Smith

Address:	15 Bridge Rd
State:		NSW
ZIP/Postal:	2004
Concatenations for Shipping Address:
	15 Bridge Rd

By the way, it looks like the file you are after is:


Hope that helps,

-- GuruJ.

Minh Nguyen wrote:
> I'm translating Thunderbird right now, and I've run across a term that 
> completely puzzles me: in WalletViewer.dtd, one section repeatedly makes 
> use of the term "concatentations," as in "Concatentations for Primary 
> Contact" and "Concatenations for Shipping." Apparently it's intended for 
> a file called "WalletConcatenation.xul," but, strangely enough, that 
> file doesn't exist in LXR. Since I'm absolutely clueless as to what it's 
> used for and what it means, I have no way of translating it. If anyone 
> knows who to ask, or whether I should even go ahead and leave that 
> section as is, please let me know. Thanks!
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