[Project_owners] Re: How to open a menupopup by keyboard for <toolbarbutton type="menu"...

Michael Vincent mv_van_rantwijk at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 12:49:49 EDT 2005

Neil wrote:
> Michael Vincent wrote:
>> How does this work? The button has focus (a white dotted line is 
>> displayed) but nothing happens (there are no JavaScript errors).
>> An example of such button is the 'Tabs' button in the 
>> Mozilla/Seamonkey Bookmarks sidebar.
> Alt+Up, Alt+Down or F4 should work.

Alt+Up/Down also changes the focus to the next/previous button (when 
available) so that isn't what I want. Also, F4 might be in use, like it 
for example in MultiZilla to open the Tab Manager, so that key won't 
always be available.

I guess that I have to change the binding to make SPACE and ENTER/RETURN 
also work. Note that the 'Tabs' button in the bookmarks sidebar makes 
use of an unknown/strange attribute called 'menubuttontype', which is 
set to 'sidebar-panels' for this button, see also:


However, I was unable to locate a single other reference for this 
attribute, but I found 'buttonstyle'. Maybe the former is in use by 
themes, but I don't know.

Anyway, the button also uses attribute 'type' which is used in xul.css 
for the binding so I guess that I should change/extend this binding:


or is there perhaps a better/easier way to solve this problem?


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